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Small RNA Ontology

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Currently only available for potato.

  • Potato (Solanum tuberosum): Known potato miRNAs (miRBase V21), novel miRNAs and secondary siRNAs of potato, placed into the ontology via their target genes, identified in silico and by degradome sequencing. (

Browse bins

Open sub-bins by clicking on the selected bin. Opened bins are shown as opened and closed as closed folders (see Legend below). Ortholog groups are presented by a white icon, and genes by green (those belonging to orthologs) or purple icons (those not belonging to orthologs).

  • sRNA
  • Ontology bin - opened
  • Ontology bin - closed

Select a sRNA on it and sRNA Details view will open.

sRNA Details View

In this view information on the individual sRNAs including annotations and links to other sources are listed.

  • Identifier, with link to the primary database
  • Plant: NCBI taxa page
  • Description: N/A
  • Short Name: N/A
  • Synonym: N/A
  • Genomic Context: N/A
  • Source of the sRNA
  • Last modified: date of last modification of the sRNA
  • Ontology annotations: bin(s) that the respective sRNA targets belong to; click to view the bin in the ontology tree
  • Orthologs: N/A
  • Microarray features: N/A
  • Annotations: N/A


Search is enabled for sRNA identifiers (names).


Ontology exports of sRNA for individual species are available for import to:

There also generic exports available, generally linking one identifier to another.


sRNA position editing is not possible.